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Guidance on Achieving U.S. Citizenship in Houston

Citizenship is a dream for many foreign nationals who live and work in this country. Fortunately, a process called naturalization has been established to help these individuals achieve their goal.

If you are someone who wishes to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization, Galaviz Law Firm, PLLC can help make this process less stressful and less subject to denials or delays through competent legal action.

In order to achieve citizenship, you will have to meet all requirements and submit documentation that is accurate and thorough. To smooth the way, it is critical that you have the assistance of a lawyer experienced in family immigration law who thoroughly understands all facets of the naturalization process. The Houston naturalization lawyer at our firm can provide the guidance and counsel needed throughout all steps on the road to citizenship.

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Understanding the Naturalization Process in Houston

Naturalization is achieved when individuals born in foreign countries become U.S. citizens by completing all requirements under immigration law.

Timeline for the U.S. Citizenship Journey

From the time you first get your green card, obtaining U.S. citizenship can take between six months to a year. The naturalization process can be difficult to navigate without a skilled citizenship attorney in Houston, and applicants must pass several stages including an interview and a citizenship test.

Key Requirements for U.S. Citizenship

Requirements for citizenship or naturalization include (but may not be limited to) the following:

  • Maintaining a permanent residency in this country for the last five years; in some cases, this may be three years
  • Living in the state where the citizenship application is submitted for at least three months
  • Not traveling outside the U.S. in trips lasting six months or more within the last five years; in some cases, this may be three years
  • Having maintained a good moral character; not having been convicted of certain crimes, such as those considered to be of “moral turpitude”
  • Able to speak, read, and write basic English
  • Have a basic understanding of U.S. government and history
  • Understand and agree with the U.S. Constitution

Other requirements that are part of the citizenship process include the submission of documents, such as special immigration forms, photos, and copies of personal documents such as marriage certificates and green cards, as well as being interviewed by a USCIS official, having fingerprints taken, and more.

Our Houston citizenship attorney can give you the assistance needed to meet all of these requirements and will ensure that your citizenship application is completed professionally.

Common Reasons for Citizenship Application Denials

Some individuals may be denied naturalization for any of the following reasons:

  • If you have a criminal record
  • If you haven’t been in the United States long enough to qualify as a “continuous resident”
  • If you have not been paying required child support or alimony
  • If you committed fraud on your citizenship application
  • If you have failed to pay taxes
  • If you failed to register for selective service in the United States military
  • If you didn’t pass your English or Civics tests

No matter why your citizenship request was denied, our team of naturalization attorneys can help you navigate the citizenship process and fight to get you U.S. citizenship.

Benefits of Hiring a Houston Citizenship Lawyer

A lawyer is not required for competing Form N-400 and applying for naturalization. However, a citizenship lawyer in Houston will have the knowledge and experience needed to help ensure you fill out your application completely and accurately. Additionally, a naturalization lawyer can help you prepare for your citizenship interview for your best chance of success.

Choose Galaviz Law Firm, PLLC for Citizenship Assistance

  • Comprehensive Citizenship Law Services: Our Houston naturalization attorneys specialize in citizenship matters, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the naturalization process. We stay abreast of the latest immigration laws and regulations to provide you with accurate and up-to-date advice.
  • Dedicated and Compassionate Support: We recognize that each individual's journey to citizenship is unique. Our team takes a personalized and compassionate approach, ensuring that you receive the attention and support you need at every step of the process.
  • Clear Communication and Guidance: Navigating the legal landscape can be overwhelming, but our team at Galaviz Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to clear and effective communication. Our Houston citizenship lawyer will keep you informed about the progress of your case, answer your questions promptly, and provide the guidance necessary for a successful outcome.

Our Citizenship Legal Services in Houston

  • Guided Naturalization Process: Our Houston naturalization attorneys will guide you through the naturalization process, helping you understand the eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and preparing you for the citizenship interview and test.
  • Assessment of Citizenship Eligibility: Our team evaluates your eligibility for U.S. citizenship, taking into account factors such as residency, good moral character, and English language proficiency.
  • Thorough Application Preparation: We assist in preparing and submitting your citizenship application, ensuring accuracy and completeness to avoid unnecessary delays in the process.
  • Interview Representation and Support: If required, our attorneys provide representation during citizenship interviews, offering support and guidance to enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

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Galaviz Law Firm, PLLC is more than a legal service provider; we are your dedicated partners in achieving the American dream. Whether you're navigating the naturalization process for yourself, a family member, or an employee, our citizenship lawyers in Houston, TX, are here to provide the expertise and support you need.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Apply for U.S. Citizenship If I Have a Criminal Record?

Having a criminal record impacts your eligibility for U.S. citizenship. It's important to consult with a citizenship attorney in Houston to understand how your criminal history may affect your naturalization process.

Is It Necessary to Have a Lawyer for the Naturalization Process?

While not required, having a citizenship lawyer in Houston can provide valuable knowledge and guidance in completing the application accurately, preparing for the citizenship interview, and navigating any potential challenges that may arise during the naturalization process. With over a decade of experience, our team is dedicated to helping you pursue the American dream.

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