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Certain immigrants may be disqualified to seek entrance to or to remain in the U.S. based on various grounds established by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These individuals are considered to be removable through deportation. The best way to prevent deportation in this case is through a Waiver of Inadmissibility.

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Grounds for Inadmissibility

The INA establishes several grounds of inadmissibility to the United States.

Some common grounds of inadmissibility include:

  • Health - Can include carrying a significant communicable disease, failing to submit proof of vaccination, or having a physical or metal disorder that can pose a threat to safety
  • Crimes of moral turpitude (CIMT) - The individual committed an offense that is "base, vile or depraved," which can include murder, sexual assault, human trafficking, or fraud
  • Drug-Related Offenses - Covers violations of any U.S. or foreign drug law, as well as drug trafficking or evidence of drug abuse
  • Multiple Criminal Offenses - Includes at least two convictions with aggregate sentences of at least five years, excepting most political offenses
  • Traffickers and Beneficiaries of Trafficking - In addition to those engaging in drug or human trafficking, also covers certain family members who knowingly benefited from trafficking activities
  • Prostitution - Includes those engaging in, procuring, or knowingly benefiting from prostitution

Some inadmissibility factors have inherent exceptions, meaning they can be waived without requesting a specific waiver. Some factors also cannot be waived under any circumstances. Many, however, do have specific waivers available.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

Waivers of Inadmissibility applies to inadmissible individuals seeking entry to the U.S. on an immigrant visa or those seeking an Adjustment of Status who are already here. Examples of available waivers include those for unlawful presence, immigration fraud, and alien smuggling.

Inadmissibility is generally based on the following factors:

  • Health issues, such as having a communicable disease or other physical or mental disorder
  • Criminal convictions for specific crimes, such as those of moral turpitude, drug violations, prostitution, and more
  • Security issues, such as having been involved in terrorist activity or being a member of a totalitarian party
  • Immigration law violations, such as illegal entry, unlawful presence, immigration fraud, and alien smuggling
  • Miscellaneous grounds per INA law

Specific requirements must be fulfilled in each situation depending on why the individual was declared inadmissible in the first place. In many cases, the applicant must prove their spouse or family would suffer undue hardship should they be denied a waiver.

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